female idol comebacks in 2014 + pastels ♡ (asked by anon)

jongin, those are not drums

Lazy vs Lazy pt. 2 : Krystal forgets to bring her own make-up remover  pt. 1

TaeTiSeo vs the wind

I shipped TaeNy because I saw there’s something between them. A magical connection. An undying love. The spark of true fiendship. Their closeness and understanding to each other are thelove that made these two people special to my heart. Tiffany admitted to herself that she knows Taeyeon more than Tae’s know herself. And Taeyeon accpet and understand Tiffany as a whole.

They inspired me to be more attentive about my friends personalities, so that, I can be more open-minded about their strength & flaws. These are the reason made me wanted to see both of them more ♥. Believe it or not.


Never change…

Seohyun Instyle Magazine September ’14


kid leader luring sarang into her trap

kyungsoo - “it’s ok, it’s love” - jaeyeol accepting kangwoo’s novel 

140820 Celebrity Chef Has Arrived Ep 1:

Yixing felt that the roast beef dish he made was too hard to chew as he had wrongly chosen the toughest part of the beef for his dish. Is the judge too generous, or are you too humble? Whatever it is, keep improving bb <3

bora for adidas “boost your run” cf